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FITWELL’s future plans revolve around the vertical integration of its business operations to make a composite unit in the long run, adding up spinning, knitting, dyeing, embroidery and printing in addition to its stitching line to become one of the largest apparel manufacturing facilities in Pakistan. Though it's not the easy road to travel, but this has always been FITWELL’s business model since its inception. Furthermore, FITWELL is focused to enhance its stitching capacity to produce about 1.5 million knitted garments per month in the short run and is well-determined to upsurge this figure even more.

Soon, FITWELL will open its flagship factory outlet in Europe in the first week of December, 2012 in Panorama Shopping Mall, Vilnius, Lithuania, where FITWELL’s all kind of knitted apparels that it makes will have been displayed and then this chain will continue for the rest of the world as well.

In the coming months, FITWELL has also been opening up a bonded warehouse in its existing premises. FITWELL has also planned to provide its clients with the feature of the “Online Design Lab” in the forthcoming years which will be available on its website whereby, the clients can design their customized garments online and place order accordingly. Future Plans also include the launch of FITWELL’s own apparel brand not only nationwide but worldwide.